Who doesn’t want a free way to grow his or her business?

Wondering how Instagram Story features can help grow your business?

In the world of social media marketing, not excluding Instagram, the  Instagram Stories is an important feature for any business or brand to evolve and grow. Instagram makes it easy for engagement and it is a positive place for businesses . With Instagram, customers can easily and organically find businesses.

Instagram Stories for business, is a huge opportunity for business owners who really do not want to miss out on engaging with customers and growing as well. There’s no doubt this feature is evolving to establish more connections, it’s also creative and one of the ways for brands and individuals to share memories , increase brand awareness and sales!

Instagram indicates that the platform has over 500 million active daily users.. This makes Instagram Stories a tool to reach potential new customers while developing excellent connections with the ones you already have. Instagram Stories launched in 2016, and this has received massive engagement from users worldwide with increasing features in 2020 amidst global Covid-19 pandemic. Instagram stories can be saved to your homepage as highlights forever and it disappears on your story after 24 hours.



Instagram Stories have lots of creative features to drive business-customer conversations. Pinterest gives ideas on questions businesses can ask and Story has the right graphics which makes it easier to drive engagement. Using these features goes a long way in helping you rank with the Instagram algorithm.

Drive your engagement with these  Create features Instagram has to offer.


#1 Tap to Type Feature

This feature is great for announcements; Instagram has several backgrounds which you can select from if you have brand colours.

#2 Shoutout Feature

This feature makes it easy to wish your customers and followers on their birthday, anniversary, and express gratitude by saying thank you to anyone whose content you love.

#3 Quiz Feature

Businesses can use quizzes to know how customers perceive their brand, become aware of their likes and dislikes and start conversations.

#4 Templates Feature

Instagram features some templates making it easy to convey some ideas  you’d love to share.

#5 Question Feature

Instantly ask customers and audience questions for  feedback. This is an amazing way for businesses to steer their content and really be purposeful. Answer questions and receive feedback easily via direct messaging.

#6 Poll Feature

Use the poll feature to see what consumers are really interested in seeing you share on your page. Poll gives the percentage of what your customers really love.

#7 Countdown Feature

Businesses can use this way to inform their audience on product launch, online chats, seminar meetings, instagram live and so much more. This can stimulate your community and a good way for your customers to stay informed with your brand.

#8 Live Feature

Going live are videos businesses can use for behind the scenes, share their  packaging moments, business meetings, share live calls with clients and so much more. Many brands are using it to get interactive with customers worldwide such as going live for an event being organised.




#Hashtags and Location Tags

One of the best ways to increase visibility and reach organically is the use of hashtags and addition of location in stories.

Instagram Stories has an allocated space at the top of a hashtag or location search result page, making it a good thing for businesses to get started with it.

One can use as many as 10 hashtags to each Instagram story, including 1 clickable hashtag sticker.

Hashtag texts should be clear and visible. Typing unclear hashtags makes them illegible and Instagram won’t pick up them and obviously your post won’t show up on searches.

Don’t make your hashtag text too small else  it becomes illegible which Instagram won’t pick up and it’s unlikely your post will appear in any hashtag searches.


#Post Consistently on Stories

It’s fun and easy to share stories. Posting consistently will easily rank you on search pages . It is easy to move posts in feed to the story directly as well. Businesses posts can now be automatically shared to their facebook story pages as well.


#Use apps with captivating templates and filters

It is obvious that templates and filters which are easily shareable and appealing are reader friendly and exciting as well. Search on play store for apps such as StoryChic, StoryArt, Storyluxe, Unfold, Over to start creating captivating stories for your audience.