One of the factors which undermines the progress of a person is malnutrition. The reputation of your social media presence is synonymous to what an individual feeds on for progress.
Your online reputation requires “good” and “healthy” investment into the minds of whoever stumbles on your presence.

Negative feedback is inevitable on social media since people are more critical in approach to strangers than with people they already have a warm familiarity with.
An online reputation management system and mindset is needed for every business or individual with an agenda for positive growth online.

It is important to note that , as a business with an online presence, not every customer will follow your social media handles but every customer has the free will to leave a review on your services. With the environment of mouth to mouth marketing, people can look up your company or profile based on what they hear.

An online reputation management program is necessary to enable build your online presence, track and manage the conversations about your brand and position your profile in an excellent spot for online users.


Address Complaints

As a business or personality, you ought to address the legitimate concerns of customers or people who engage with you across your platforms in a more genuine and friendly way so they familiarize with you. This way, you can get your customers to be your back end customer support and build your image in the good light.

For subsequent services provided, should they have any issues, you do not encounter the feeling of being trashed on your platform.
It is important to address complaints with a sense of urgency because that is an avenue for your reputation to be damaged through tons of negative reviews which will be visible to the online community.

Have A Social Media Policy To Direct Your Feed

A sense of direction in your marketing and engagement with consumers makes you more effective in controlling your reputation and shaping the perceptions they will have.
The world is a global village which makes it important not to associate your business with religious controversies, politics, racism and brand-shading. Your feed reaches more people than you can imagine.

Implementation of your privacy policy on social media is possible but note that not all customers may read it if you are a business.This means you need to protect your security details such as addresses, bank details and call contacts.

As a business or personality, you have the right to delete harmful or abusive language or feed on your platforms. Always acknowledge feed you do not own for liability purposes. Just keeping these in mind, secures your reputation.

Employ Software And Social Media Tools

Instagram ,Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest all have reporting tools to enable you monitor the conversations, impressions, engagements and growth of the business or page. Take advantage of these tools. Other relevant apps and software tools are available to handle a wide range of data for your business. These tools will guide you to shape the impression your presence has on the people you engage with, now or later.

Engage With Customers/Consumers of Your Feed

Constantly and consistently communicate with customers, in both good and bad review times. No one enjoys being ignored. Use your platform to build a community connected to what you represent.


Properly managing your online reputation will promote your brand on social media platforms. You will not struggle for growth and to others, you become a source of direction.
Secondly, good online management gives you a guide to steer your business through the constant feedback you can get at any time. People can share with you what other items they need and how they feel about your product and services. Publicly, people can see how you attend to issues, respond to comments, deliver on giveaways, educate and have affiliations. Doing this excellently will drive sales, earn you respect and trust.

The excellent use of the analytic and report tools gives you the opportunity to be ranked competitively in search engines. There are many people who may be engaged in the same role as you are, but using these tools can rank you higher in search results for online users.


Your online reputation management is important for your survival and relevance in the digital space. This requires a conscious effort for a long term success.